Boxcar Blooms: a mobile florist operating out of a vintage travel trailer
DreamUp Wisconsin: UW-Madison’s implementation of the Alliance for the American Dream, a new community-university collaboration that aims to promote shared prosperity and increase American competitiveness
Helen Stellar: a Los Angeles-based rock band
IAVIT: the International Association of Visually Impaired Technologists
Jardin: Madison, WI's premier plant-based dining experience
Lindsay Lemmer: candidate for Wisconsin State Assembly

Luther's Table: a nonprofit coffee shop and community space based in Renton, WA

Robinia Courtyard: a Madison, WI-based multi-space concept with food, drink, and events
Square One: a grassroots organization in Oshkosh, WI focused on building community
Strong Arm Sally: a Madison, WI-based acoustic trio
Treehouse Co-op: a business that offers  treehouse building workshops
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